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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bradyn Poppins...


Anna is playing upstairs with three of her sweet little friends and they are all yelling and freaking out because Anna just smacked her head on her bed.  “Miss Kim!  Miss Kim!” 

Anna runs downstairs, I’m thinking you know, mama-nurse to the rescue!  Right?  I mean, why did we spend all that time and money on nursing school if not for moments just…such…as…THIS?

“Mama, where’s Bradyn?  I need Bradyn!”


A little background.  Since the little Peanut made her debut nearly seven years ago, she hasn’t been received with the most raving reviews by her sister-audience.  ESPECIALLY since Morgan went to college and the babysitting gig has fallen on Brady Lady’s shoulders.

But, since homeschooling has begun, Bradyn has picked up a little more responsibility with regard to the Nut.  Days I work, she gets afterschool duty and neither of them have been especially excited about it.  This has caused this working mom to sigh a little more than her normal quota.

So, when today my sweet little Peanut comes downstairs yelling for Bradyn after a HEAD INJURY (I’m a pediatric NEURO nurse for goodness sakes!), I’m a little taken back. Then, God blessed me beyond my wildest imagination.  I run outside where Bradyn is about to back out of the driveway and motion for her to come in.

She comes in, Anna still crying, and her friends and Peanut run to her yelling, “Do the healing dance!  Do it, Bradyn!” 

Bradyn puts her stuff down and very Mary Poppin-esquely proceeds to have all the girls raise their hand, touch their toes, raise their hands, touch their toes, turn around, do a shake and then, “Is it better now?”

“Yes!” as she wraps her arms around her big sister’s legs.  My heart.  It will explode.  I’m sure it will.  You can send flowers to the hospital when it does.  I like red roses. 

Bradyn, I don’t know what you’ll be in life, but I do know this.  You will make an amazing mom one day. 

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  1. Okay, this made me a little teary-eyed (thanks!). Our kids may fight and grumble at each other but moments like these make us forget all of that. When I hear my two teens connect like this, it gives me hope that they may just be friends, not just family, when they are grown and fly the coop.