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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nursing school has sucked the funny out of me...

So, I'm way-flattered that I have had several comments about the fact that I have not blogged in quite awhile.  When I write these little blogposts, I really don't even think about the fact that other people are going to read it.  Mostly, it has been a personal little pressure valve on my sanity.

So, due to popular demand (like, 3 people), I've tried to jot out a few posts.  Even posted one, one that I just re-read and DELETED.  And, I have come to the realization, I'm afraid, that I may have lost any sort of semblance of funny or witty or intelligent or even lucid trains of thought.  Possibly, permanently.  Nursing school has sucked the funny out of me.  Good grief.  Why couldn't it have sucked-out the adipose cells in my butt (due to the elevated levels of glucose and carbohydrates I have consumed while studying)?

See?  Everything is a medical term now.  When I look at people, I now see zygomatic muscles and lacrimal apparatuses.  Charlie rubs my shoulders while I study and I think, "Oh, that feels good to my trapezius.  Oh, baby."  I read labels on everything.  And, I'm convinced every time we move to a different disease in pathophysiology, that I'm dying of that condition.  I look into Peanut's beautiful blue eyes and wonder what her optic discs look like.  Oh.  My.  Gosh!

People.  I'm not even six months in.  Crazy has settled in and won't take the hint she has overstayed her welcome!  Some days I have to concentrate just to remember to breathe.  Some days I feel like giving a sitter my credit card and running away.

Some days I am keenly aware of the presence of the Living Water in my life.  Days when I KNOW I have nothing left of my own, He provides.  Days when I feel like I've alienated all my friends and family by NEVER being available for them, He uses their hands and feet to minister to me in child care, smiles, prayers, hugs, ears to listen.

Some fellow classmates have already given up.  Some have dropped out.  And, I know that was the best decision for them.  But, me?  No.  I have thought about it.  I've even been told maybe I should consider it.  But, I asked God and He gave me an emphatic "No, little Kimmy.  You are where I have placed you right now.  Hang on."

So, I will keep on keeping on.  I'm figuring if He brought me to it, as cliche as it sounds, He will bring me through it.  Jesus certainly has a perfect track-record of faithfulness in MY life.

I just pray for all of you guys.  Why?  Because you have to watch the struggle.  Listen to the whining.  Endure the boring Instagram pics of myself studying in bed.  I pity your position. Unfriend or unfollow if you need to, you'll get no judgement from me!

But, know I love you guys.  Every single letter of every word of encouragement you all have given me is treasured in my heart.