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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anna helps her Mama...

My mom has a Vacation Bible School booklet framed, open to a story entitled, "Kim helps her Mama." It is still prominently displayed in her kitchen, here 35 years later. I loved helping when I was little. I loved tagging along with my dad at work. I prided myself on knowing just when he would need a phillips-head screwdriver, and when he would need a flat-head. I used to love cleaning the house for my mom, to surprise her when she came home from work. I actually remember the joy of seeing her face as she came in the door. I am a freak of nature. I know this.

Of all of the three of my girls, I think Anna may have this trait of mine. Now, mind you, this highly motivated, helpful spirit is, in our case, also accompanied by an overpowering need to do everything "MY SELF!" So, it's not always a cakewalk living with us. Anna LOVES to help. She loves to help unload the dishwasher, she loves to help pull the laundry out, and one day...I actually watched her from another room, pick up my plate off the couch and take it to the kitchen, unaware that I was watching. Ahhh....the pride.

HOWEVER, sometimes, it is hard to work when she is around. Take yesterday for example...I THOUGHT I could get away with doing a session at home with Anna here. Nope. She was all over helping me with that baby! At one point, I had arranged a table exactly how I wanted it with blankets and backdrop ready. I turned around to help mom get her dressed, turned around to put the baby on my set. Anna had obviously decided my set needed a little extra something and had piled on two more blankets!

Here are some outtakes from yesterday's adventure! Enjoy...

She thought the blue blanket would look good with her eyes.


Gotta make sure it is straight.

Patting her back when she sneezed.

A little too close to the action.

"Ahhh, da bay-bee!!!!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If it weren't 800+ miles....

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

Alone in my upstairs “apartment” that mom and dad so graciously gave up for the girls and me.  I made it through my first Valentine’s Day as a single woman (first in 14 years of marriage) without too much drama.  But, I worked, I had to go downtown to appear in court for a speeding ticket, I hung out with the girls, I kept busy. Here it was two days later, off work for the day, alone in my parents’ house, girls at school…bored.  The reality of my first Valentine’s Day alone – hit.

My divorce had been final for a month and twelve days.  Single. I wanted to talk to someone.  I wanted a fresh, interested ear.

I Googled.

My little laptop had been my new best friend.  Way before Facebook was on my radar.  It had been the portal to the world that helped me escape, helped me find a good job, helped me cope.  This day, that little laptop became an instrument of divine intervention for me.  I wanted to talk to someone, but I wasn’t gonna be caught dead in one of those icky chat rooms!  I Googled “Christian chat.” 

What I got:  www.christianmingle.com

A Christian dating site.  Well, alrighty then.  I wasn’t about to go online and meet a man that way.  I mean, that had been the catalyst for the destruction of my marriage.  Heck if that was going to be how I met someone!  But, as I read through the info, it presented itself as a social media outlet, as well as a dating site.  On the home page, a special.  Free seven-day trial membership for women.  What did I have to lose?

I filled out the forms, uploaded a pic, took the personality quiz.  What else did I have to do?  Where else did I have to be?  I was online for only a few minutes, drilling down through menus, looking through the cast of “Christian” characters who were available in the Memphis Area.  Frankly, a very narrow search.  Most of them looked like serial killers, or just really lonely divorcees.  And, somewhere around 10 minutes in…an email.

Subject:  If it weren’t 800+ miles….

An email from Charlie.  My first and last contact with a man on Christian Mingle.  I read through his email, chuckling at his comments about my profile (I mentioned something about “soaking it up in a hot-tub with my soul-mate” – a Napoleon Dynamite reference), and also heartened that what I found important, was what led him to email me.  I put it very plainly in my profile…that I had two daughters, and that “if you were lucky, and if we happen to be dating for more than six months, you MIGHT get to meet them.”  I had watched too many times, children in this situation, having been introduced to a parade of “dates” go in and out of their lives.  I was not about to do that to my sweet little Moey and Brady-Lady.

This impressed him.  He began his email with, “Just an innocent hello from a guy too far away.”  I couldn’t click on his profile button fast enough.  So afraid of what I would find, so afraid he would be 60 years old with an overgrown mustache.  But, whoa.  That is SO not what I found.  My heart went into immediate tachycardia.  Thought it would beat out of my chest.  Why is this dude emailing ME?  Something MUST be wrong with him.

Three days later, after HOURS of instant messaging, I finally gave in and gave him my cell phone number.  I thought I had lost my mind.  Boy, I thought, I sure hope this guy isn’t a serial killer.  We were snowed in that weekend, my girls were with their dad, my grandmother was staying with my parents, and Charlie and I talked on the phone the WHOLE day that Saturday….like, seriously, TEN HOURS. 

Afraid of what my parents and grandmother might think, I lied.  I lied and told them I met him at the bank.  That he was out of town and was a customer.  I had to tell them something.  They could tell something was up.  I prepared myself for the “be careful, Kim” or the “isn’t it kinda soon?” or the “Virginia?!?!?!”  Instead?  Instead, I slowly opened my laptop up, said a prayer under my breath, and shared with my mom and grandmother his picture and profile. 

Silence.  Then, my mother, “Virginia is a beautiful state.” 

It sounds absolutely crazy.  And, looking back, it was.  But, I actually had the nerve to tell my mom THAT day (three days after meeting him!), “I know you’re going to think I’m nuts, but, I have a feeling way down in my gut…I’m going to marry this guy.  And, I don’t know a THING about him!”  Instead of smacking me back into reality, she just replied, “Wow, Kim.  That’s huge.” 

I cannot tell you what it was.  I really can’t.  I was incredibly attracted to his picture, but who knew what he looked like in person?  When would I ever meet him in person?  How would this work?  What the heck?  God’s divine grace, His divine wisdom, His divine guidance.  That’s how.  There is no other way to explain how Charlie and I came to know each other – except for the fact that God is in control.  If you ever doubted it, call me.  How would I have ever met him otherwise?  Six months before we met, neither of us would have even looked at the other.  God’s timing, God’s wisdom, God’s love….became our love.

Happy Two-Days-After-Valentine’s Day, Charlie.  You are my world.  You are my love.  You are my best friend.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for loving my girls.  Thank you for Peanut.  Thank you for sharing your seriously strong dance moves with us.  Thank you for listening to God, and sweeping me off my feet.  Riding into the sunset with you for the past four years has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Those cute little boys....

Today, just another glimpse of the handsome little Tully boys.  Jack, is an adoring older brother, and took several breaks just to give his sweet little baby brother, Britton, a kiss on the head.  And, he insisted that I document the cool new Chipmunks house his dad so creatively made for him!  And Britton, totally jazzed about his new-found mobility, was a moving target if ever there was one!  Enjoy....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Laughing OUT LOUD!!!!

We LOL too much.  In fact, the LOL has become the "I'm good, and you?" to the "Hi, how are you?"   It is the easy, thoughtless reply in the virtual world of required responses.  Especially in Twitter or Facebook.  Someone says something really cute or funny or maybe even not-so-much, but something that just screams REPLY TO ME IN SOME WAY, and we all feel compelled to reply.  But, not always, do we have something clever or thoughtful or whatever, to say back.  So... LOL.  We do it.  We slam the "laugh out loud" on the table and walk away.  Done.

But, every so often, someone says something that just seriously makes us die with laughter!  Today was one such day.  In fact, I nearly had to pull my car over to get it out of my system.  Here's the story...

Peanut and Brady Lady spent the night with my parents' last night.  They got up and went to church with my mom and dad, and then, I am assuming, my dad brought them home after church and my mom stayed to help with the Sweetheart Banquet.  Now, did you catch that?  MY DADDY brought the baby home.  Without my mom.  Granted, Bradyn is there, but my DADDY...with the BABY.  This congers all sorts of funny situations which are sure to occur.  It would be a wealth of sitcom fodder to all those writers out there scratching there heads to try to come up with something funny for "Lucy and Ethel" to get into this week - if only they were there to witness!

So, I'm driving home from a function this morning, and call my dad to check in.  Now, keep in mind, as you read this...I am the ONLY one laughing in this conversation.  It wasn't until near the end that he started to see the humor as well.

"YOU OWE ME ONE,"  my dad says.
"Oh, yeah?  What's going on?"  I chuckle.
"We just finished changing Anna's diaper.  I think I'm going to be sick."
(me now, hysterical after having started laughing at the way he even answered the phone, wiping tears...yes...already!)
"YOU are changing Anna's diaper?  Where's Bradyn?"  
(as if he didn't hear me speak)
"Your mom loves to laugh at me and tell the story about how the last diaper I changed was yours, 38 years ago!, and all I did was take the diaper off and put it in the toilet for her to deal with when she got home.  We didn't have these velcro thingys."
(me, still laughing so hard, trying to calm down) 
"Did she squirm?  I have to wrestle her for every diaper change."
"No, I think she was just so shocked I was the one doing it.  She didn't squirm at all.  But, Kim, it is disgusting.  My stomach hurts.  I think I'm going to throw up.  What should I do?"
"About the diaper?"
"No, about my stomach?  I feel sick.  Oh, and will it hurt anything if some of the poop is still on that thing down there?"
(oh my gosh, laughing so hard!, really should have pulled the car over)
"No, it won't hurt anything.  Mom can clean it up better when she comes home.  Or, Bradyn can."
"When are you coming back?  I'm going to go outside and try to get some fresh air.  My stomach hurts."
"Soon...love you!"
"I love you, too.  We got a new baby lamb..." 

So, yeah.  If ever there were a situation for a great, big, fat, LOL...this was it!  He is such a good sport.  I love my Daddy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One of the millions of reasons...

I adore this child. She and my daddy are like two little peas in a pod. Found this on my computer today, and well...if you don't know by now girls, if you leave anything cute on my computer...it's FAIR GAME for mommy's blog!