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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A man with a power-tool...

Nothing is more attractive to me than a man with a power tool.  Well, that's not totally true.  A man who loves the Lord as much as I do, beats that.  And, I've got a man who does both.  Luh-kee Kim!  And, he's so cute!  :)  Charlie and I bought that Costco play-set that we've been eyeing all summer.  It was an expensive pill to swallow, but, we have come to realize that our little Peanut needs physical entertainment to keep her from the raging meltdowns that have threatened to destroy the very fiber of our being.  So, we threw fiscal caution to the wind and borrowed my Daddy and his truck, a week and a half ago.

It was absolutely KILLING me, not to be out there supervising and using the drill, and building it "myself."  But, I had to study.  SO, Charlie jumped in and took over and he did a FABULOUS job!  He was so sweet.  He knew my love for using the power-drill.  Every time I came out to help, he let me do the "fun stuff", he called it, and I got to drill and drive screws in.  Rah!  (I'm making a muscle like Ah-nold right now.)

Anna, was SO excited, and VERY helpful.  She was right there every minute handing Charlie tools. "Here-go, Dada!"  "I help, Dada!"  Couldn't be prouder.  We tried to entertain her with various movies inside when her little cheeks were getting too red from the heat.  But, it didn't last long.  She knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and what she would have, when it was done.  "MY slide, Mama!"  

Saturday, the "slide" was complete, and after nap-time, we let her go!  She was like a puppy in new home.  She ran around every corner, checked out every play-thing, went up the ladder, down the slide, up the ladder, down the slide, up the...  Ok.  Sorry.  I half-expected her to start sniffing the thing!

She wasn't sure about the "woks", or the "rock wall" for those of you not fluent in Peanut-ese.  

But, she tried, at least.  

So, good job, Charlie!  I'm proud of you.  And, I love you for it.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Morning sweetness...

Charlie interrupted my studying this morning.  Anna had guided him to her room and asked to be put in bed.  He told me that she had arranged her dolls, gave them their "bobbies" and began to sing "Baby Mine" to them.  These are the moments that make the Target melt-downs, and the days you hear, "Mommy!  I play - a - poo-poo!" over the monitor - worth it.

Baby mine...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nana with a camera...

One of the great things about having a husband who works at home is, that you can schedule appointments around the time the baby naps.  "I'm going to the orthodontist, Peanut is asleep, Mom is on call if she wakes up before I get back - if you have a work problem."  The other great thing, is to have a Nana that lives exactly 2.2 miles away and can come over real quick-like, if I don't make it back in time.

I try not to misuse this blessing.  But, yesterday, I didn't make it back in time, and I came home to find the most beautiful thing.  My mom, sitting on the couch with Anna reading.  That is definitely a beautiful thing.  Can't think of many things better on earth.  Except maybe, sitting and chatting with my mom over a cold Coke Zero while Anna runs around and plays.  And, that's just what we did yesterday.  What a great break from my busy day.

Then, something happened that doesn't happen very much - especially in a photographer's world.  Nana grabbed my camera, handed it to me to set it up to auto-everything, and took pictures of ME.  I have very few pictures of me, and especially of me and Anna.  Mostly, because I'd much rather be on the other side of the camera.  Cause you know, if I could just lose that last 15 pounds, THEN you can take my picture!  Boy oh boy.  If I had a dollar for every time I've heard THAT from a mom of one of my clients.  I'm no different.

So, I thought I'd share some pics of me and my littlest angel.  Thanks, Mama.  I love you!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Growing up...

I met little Reese last year for his one-year-old photos.  Such a doll!  This summer, I was lucky enough to capture the two-year-old milestone.  What a blessing to enjoy these sweet babies every year.  To watch them grow, change, mature - even if in the tiniest ways.  Reese is DEFINITELY two, but that doesn't mean terrible.  We had a ball (literally) and wore ourselves out chasing the little man with a camera.  But, oh what a sweetie.  And, man, oh man.  I could write an entire blog just about those eyes!

Little Reese...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My big girls...

My two older girls are growing up too fast.  I feel like they are slipping out of my hands.  You hear that all the time.  "Slipping out of my hands."  But, man.  Now I really get it.

Today, Morgan toured the campus at Villanova.  Philadelphia, people!  I cannot drive there!  Their dad lives in Philly, and they are there for their summer visit.  He set up a tour on the campus for her today.  And, while I will be so proud and happy for her to go wherever she chooses, I can't imagine life without my little Moey here.  Much less, only seeing her 4-5 times a year!  Slow it down, Lord.  Please.  Two years is all I have with her.  During vacation in Maui last month, she mentioned several times about how we will only have another couple of "official" family vacations together.  Just boggles my mind.

Bradyn.  Well, Bradyn has grown four inches in six months.  She is nearly eye-to-eye with me.  She's bouncing back and forth between little girl, and young woman.  Only, it's more and more on the young woman side these days.  So, I've gotten accustomed to Morgan being all grown up, but now Bradyn is betraying me as well!  Carrying a purse.  Rolling the eyes.  Noticing the boys.

Rotten kids.  I told them both, very emphatically, that growing up was not allowed in my house.  On their birthdays every year I'd tease, "Morgan!  Go to time-out!  I told you not to grow, and you deliberately disobeyed me!  I'm so disappointed in you."  At age four, she planted her hands on her hips (much like in the picture above) and said, "Mom!  Jesus MADE me do it!"  Well, I guess I can't argue with that.

At least Peanut will never grow up.  She'll always be my baby, right?  Right?  Somebody help me out here!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My husband is anti-social...

I present to you, Exhibit A:

See this hot, hunk of a man?  He is frustrating me.  He is making me "frustrationed."  He refuses to participate in social networking media...aka...FACEBOOK.  Grrr.  

I understood at first. Back, when Facebook and Twitter were relatively new and had less widespread consumption by the general masses.  When it was a teenager's toy, like MySpace.  But, now.  Now, it is like NOT using the internet because you don't like all that "computer stuff."  Like, not watching TV.  Like, not using a phonebook to look someone up.  Seriously, dude.  Get with the program!  

The problem is, now, I think he is at the point of NOT doing it just 'cause he said he would never do it.  Stubbornness.  Hmmm...wonder where Anna gets it?

It was all well and good to let him have his little privacy.  And, participate singly.  But, now, a LOT of his high-school, college, hometown, and family members are on - and he gets all his info from ME - VIA FACEBOOK!  So and so is getting married, so and so had a baby, so and so said "hi!", and so on and so on.  

So, I'm asking, nay - BEGGING you.  Help me in my campaign to pull Charlie (an IT DUDE!) into the 21st Century!  If you know him, have his number, his email address, or whatever...please invite him to join the Facebook revolution with me.  If you don't have his contact info, send me a private message, or comment on this blog with your contact info and I'll get you his digits.

Here's hoping he doesn't get mad at me for this blog!  :)