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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A cry for help...

So, I was perusing my old family photos recently and made a realization that I am shocked - slash - ashamed - slash - reluctant to reveal...


Now, I know - harsh language - but this is really serious. I am a Southern Woman for Heaven's sakes! For the love of all that is classy and fashionable, I NEED HELP! So, today's blog is a cry for someone to PLEASE, I beg you - TURN ME IN TO WHAT NOT TO WEAR!

{Send this link (http://kimjayeveryday.blogspot.com/2009/09/cry-for-help.html) to whatnottowear@discovery.com}

I submit to you, Exhibits A-K - A THROUGH K, PEOPLE!

Exhibit A, Charlie and I on our honeymoon in Maui, June 2007.

Exhibit B, Me and Anna two weeks after she was born, May 2008.

Exhibit C, Me and Mama, Lucy and Anna June 2008.

Exhibit D, Me and Anna in new house in Memphis, July 2008.

Exhibit E, Me and Anna after her one-year birthday party, May 2009.

Exhibit F, Me and Mama at Lucy's birthday party, February 2009.

Exhibit G, Me and my nephew, Justin - our first Christmas in Richmond, December 2007.

Exhibit H, Me and Charlie four months after we met - at Lakehouse, June 2006.

Exhibit I, Me, Bradyn, Anna, Charlie, and Morgan last Sunday at Memaw's 80th Birthday Party, September 2009.
Exhibit J, Me and Anna and Moey at a party, July 2009.

Exhibit K, Me and my sister-in-law, Christina at poker night in Richmond, August 2007.

This is my "uniform" as my mom calls it. Black Old Navy, v-neck t-shirt (from 1999, because all the new shirts these days are SO THIN!), jeans (in varying sizes over the years), and my favorite black flip-flops. Those flip-flops have traveled the world! (Maui, Cancun, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Bonaire) I seriously want to be buried in this. It is so comfortable. Sure, I "dress it up" with a change of earrings (See Exhibit E) or in the winter, I'll wear a sweater over it (See Exhibit F), but it's the same. It's an easy outfit I don't have to think about. What's wrong with me?

Okay, so I think it is more than apparent that I need PROFESSIONAL HELP! Right? Who agrees? I mean, I know there is probably a large majority of those of you who know me personally, who have actually had these thoughts before - about my limited apparel choices. So, what can you do to help?


{Send this link (http://kimjayeveryday.blogspot.com/2009/09/cry-for-help.html) to whatnottowear@discovery.com}

Email the link to this blog, RE-TWEET like crazy, tell your friends, buy a billboard - MAMA NEEDS A NEW SET OF CLOTHES! If we all pull together, I think we can make a difference!

Your unfashionable friend,



  1. Well A black T-shirt jeans and flip flops is classic. In fact I'm wearing a navy t-shirt, jeans and flip flops right now. I guess I'm not much help. Sorry.

  2. This is like me, but my shirts are heather grey instead of black, lol. The way I figure it, everything matches!

  3. Wow! THose pictures really do tell a story. I am speechless. My question for you is are you afraid of color? And are you comfortable because comfort is the most important thing in my book. But then again based on my wardrobe I shouldn't be advising anyone on what to wear. lol lol lol! You're funny!!!!

  4. You are hysterical.. I don't really have the solution since my hair looks the same day in and day out (pony tail mashed on the back of my head) and I wear my favorite pair of jeans like four times a week.. hahaha

  5. You're a mom and have a career; who the heck has time to make up perfect outfits? You're not "unfashionable", you're normal! My wardrobe is pretty sparse too but totally comfortable and that's what really counts these days.

  6. LOL!!! I wear Old Navy capris I bought in 2005 and a black t-shirt (I have several as staples) ALL the time. HEH! :)