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Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I could turn back time...

So, my sweet little Moey-Pamoey made a comment the other day, and it really struck me hard. She said, "I wish I had a pic like that of me in MY daddy's hands. Too late though, I don't think he could hold me like that NOW!" That girl is SOOOOO funny! I mean, she keeps me in stitches! Seriously, she is going to be great entertainment when I'm old in the nursing home. All my nursing home buddies will come to my little room whenever she comes to visit!

Anyway, the pic she is referring to is this one of Peanut in Dancin' Jimmy's hands:

It really made me think. I look at all these sweet photos of OTHER PEOPLE all the time and wish I go back in time and take those of my older girls when they were little. I wasn't into photography at this level back then. Oh how I wish I could have pics like that of them. The other thing that strikes me is, I don't have many pics of me and my girls together. I'm hardly in any GOOD ones. My goal for this next month is to get some good pics of me and my girls....our whole family for that matter.

As much as I want a good family portrait, I also really wish I had some good around-the-house-moments of us. I've gotten so busy with other people's pictures, that I don't take many of my own. If it weren't for the beautiful, wonderful, amazing, iPhone...I'd hardly have many at all!

So, anyway, this wasn't as much a blog, as it was a rambling chain of thoughts that I just felt like sharing. You guys - take your kids to get photographed. Not necessarily by me - just do it! In fact, here's a list of photographers (and my mentors) that I HIGHLY recommend!


Patrick Clough (www.patrickclough.com)
Allison Barker (contact me for info)
Nathan Rye (www.nathanrye.com)
Chris Morey (http://ciras-imaging.com/)

Jessica Cudzillo (www.503photography.com)
Kim Pace (www.kimpacephotography.com)
Tara Kuhlow (www.tarakuhlow.com)
Julie Foskett (www.foskettphotography.com)


  1. I can tell you that I take a ton of photos of my boys just playing.. but trying to get them to take a portait is impossible..I need to look for outside talent to do it.. I can't get it done..

    Thanks for the awesome shout out Kim.. big hugs !!

  2. how flattering to be mentioned here on your fabulous blog, miss kim. thanks so much, sweets! :)