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Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh the joys....

Oh the joys of working for yourself. At home. With children. Ahhhh.....

Oh the guts it takes to post this picture! My fear, is that all of you wonderful, professional, photographers, will snicker at my rudimentary "studio," my choice of lens, lighting, backdrops, etc... I'm not even going to go into what's going on with my hair! (Hey, It was in my FACE!) But, this photo is priceless to me.

As I was working yesterday on a newborn session for my dear, dear, friend, Wendy Barnes McEntee, I saw a flash go off in my peripheral vision. Wait a minute, I thought to myself, my flash is OFF! I looked down to check my camera, and realized that Wendy was standing there taking pictures of ME! By the way, that's a first, Wendy! Never before has a client taken MY picture!

I had skipped church to get ready, and sent Charlie and the girls along to church without me. I gave him instructions to keep them out as long as possible. I was certainly afraid that if he brought Anna in, with a BABY in the house - who KNOWS what would happen??? Of course, as soon as she saw that baby, man-oh-man...she was on little Elly like white on rice! "Bay-bee, bay-bee," she pointed as if there were a snake in the room and everyone must look NOW! She danced around, circled the precious little one, and was just itching to get her hands on the, "Bay-bee!" Anna bent down and waved at little Elly and said, "Hi, bay-bee!" Then she spent the next several minutes looking at me and holding her hands out as if to say that it was HER turn!

Things got a little tricky once Elly started whimpering, and I (OH MY GOSH! THE HORROR!) picked her up. When I held that baby close and rocked her and got her back to sleep, Anna stood there just soooo lost, confused, and a little weirded-out as if to say, "What the heck is going on here? Why is MY mom holding THAT bay-bee?" Suddenly, there are arms around my legs that are not about to let go anytime soon. So, what do we moms do? We multi-task. I sat down with the baby, assembled my shot (all the while tethered tightly to an 18 month-old at the knees), and plopped down on the floor. Not one second later, Anna assumed her position of authority over that baby - in the throne - my LAP! The throne that no other child is supposed to occupy but HER! (Little does she know it is USED! Boy, oh boy! When she realizes Morgan and Bradyn were there first...heads will roll!)

But, with the slight stress this caused, along with a little frustration, when I saw this picture...my heart warmed. Oh, to have a pic of me in my Mama's lap while she worked! My sweet friend Wendy adopted this precious child with her husband Colin, and they are so in love - with each other AND the baby! We take for granted these precious little ones that get under our feet all day and make the simple things, ridiculously challenging. But, the joy...my heart is full of joy! Praise God for these little bundles of joy!


  1. i think this is sweet! i had a photog friend come through on a road trip this summer so we went out shooting to new orleans, the swamps, you name it and i had the baby in a sling the whole time. we're women. we're awesome. we multitask.

    btw, backdrop, lens, etc. don't matter if you're getting the shots that the moms love! give yourself some credit :D

  2. Seriously, whatever works -- well, it just works! I sew on the floor because for some strange reason, my thigh works better at controlling speed than my foot does. Go figure!

  3. Oh to SingsTheMagpie that's because the tailor's muscle, the satorius, is in your thigh. Love this Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real life happens when we're trying to be perfect. Y'all are so cute!

  4. I no where near being a professional, but poor Elly is doomed is have a camera following her everywhere she goes. I thought you and Anna were so cute together. She was so excited about Elly - it was precious! I cannot believe that is the first time someone has taken your picture while you are working! I guess I have known you so long my comfort level is really high! Working Moms do what we have to do. You should be proud!

  5. I love this candid shot, Kim! It's so honest, real, and precious. Thanks for sharing it w/ the masses despite your nervousness about doing it. ;-)

  6. What a great photo to have for memories! I think it's amazing that you can work with your little one in the room! That's a talent in itself!