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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I threw it on the GROUND!

So I posted a status update today on Facebook:

Afterwards, as I was painting Morgan's room, in the QUIET wonderfulness of my house today, I was thinking about how funny it was that nobody knew what I was referring to by saying, "I threw it to the GROUND!" Watch this:

The humor, for me, doesn't lie in the fact that nobody was up on their SNL Digital Shorts. No, in fact, choosing not to participate in mass media and modern pop culture, does not EVER slight anyone in my book. But, I admit I do enjoy me some Saturday Night Live from time to time. And, frequently, I cannot make it through the monologue before turning it off in disgust.

No, I was chuckling to myself (yes, alone, in my house - laughing out loud!) because our little nuclear family has several little pop culture things like this that we have clung to and which pepper our everyday interactions with each other.

An example. Charlie will come into the kitchen and stop me from what I'm doing, "Hey Kim, um, what should I do about Peanut? I gave her some cheese in her high chair. She ate part of it, and do you know what she did with the rest? SHE THREW IT ON THE GROUND!" Ha, ha, chuckle, chuckle, on with life.

Another example, comes from our 24/7 continuous loop of The Wiggles on TV. Watch this (advance to about 1:30min.):

Yep. He wants that groovy jacket. We have seen this probably 2,459 times. No lie. As a result, I'll be working at home peacefully, Peanut sleeping, and the phone rings. It's Charlie, "Did you know, that Captian Feathersword really wants to wear this certain jacket?" Then, a text to Morgan everyday that reads:

So, now we all have started doing this. The other day, I caught myself asking Peanut, "Hey Peanut! Did you know...I wanna put on, my my my boogie shoes? And, boogie with you? Yes, sure do." It is always spoken in everyday tone of voice, very matter of fact. Too funny. So, we do this stuff so often, that we sometime get stares because we will include outsiders in the fun - who do not have a CLUE what we're talking about. Oh, but we think we're SO funny.

Yep. We love our Charlie, and this little quirk he has brought to our lives is just one reason.

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