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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anna helps her Mama...

My mom has a Vacation Bible School booklet framed, open to a story entitled, "Kim helps her Mama." It is still prominently displayed in her kitchen, here 35 years later. I loved helping when I was little. I loved tagging along with my dad at work. I prided myself on knowing just when he would need a phillips-head screwdriver, and when he would need a flat-head. I used to love cleaning the house for my mom, to surprise her when she came home from work. I actually remember the joy of seeing her face as she came in the door. I am a freak of nature. I know this.

Of all of the three of my girls, I think Anna may have this trait of mine. Now, mind you, this highly motivated, helpful spirit is, in our case, also accompanied by an overpowering need to do everything "MY SELF!" So, it's not always a cakewalk living with us. Anna LOVES to help. She loves to help unload the dishwasher, she loves to help pull the laundry out, and one day...I actually watched her from another room, pick up my plate off the couch and take it to the kitchen, unaware that I was watching. Ahhh....the pride.

HOWEVER, sometimes, it is hard to work when she is around. Take yesterday for example...I THOUGHT I could get away with doing a session at home with Anna here. Nope. She was all over helping me with that baby! At one point, I had arranged a table exactly how I wanted it with blankets and backdrop ready. I turned around to help mom get her dressed, turned around to put the baby on my set. Anna had obviously decided my set needed a little extra something and had piled on two more blankets!

Here are some outtakes from yesterday's adventure! Enjoy...

She thought the blue blanket would look good with her eyes.


Gotta make sure it is straight.

Patting her back when she sneezed.

A little too close to the action.

"Ahhh, da bay-bee!!!!"

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  1. Hilarious. You've got to love the little helpers. My daughter also loves to "help," but she's 8 going on 28, so what she really likes to do is "help" me do things her way!