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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Laughing OUT LOUD!!!!

We LOL too much.  In fact, the LOL has become the "I'm good, and you?" to the "Hi, how are you?"   It is the easy, thoughtless reply in the virtual world of required responses.  Especially in Twitter or Facebook.  Someone says something really cute or funny or maybe even not-so-much, but something that just screams REPLY TO ME IN SOME WAY, and we all feel compelled to reply.  But, not always, do we have something clever or thoughtful or whatever, to say back.  So... LOL.  We do it.  We slam the "laugh out loud" on the table and walk away.  Done.

But, every so often, someone says something that just seriously makes us die with laughter!  Today was one such day.  In fact, I nearly had to pull my car over to get it out of my system.  Here's the story...

Peanut and Brady Lady spent the night with my parents' last night.  They got up and went to church with my mom and dad, and then, I am assuming, my dad brought them home after church and my mom stayed to help with the Sweetheart Banquet.  Now, did you catch that?  MY DADDY brought the baby home.  Without my mom.  Granted, Bradyn is there, but my DADDY...with the BABY.  This congers all sorts of funny situations which are sure to occur.  It would be a wealth of sitcom fodder to all those writers out there scratching there heads to try to come up with something funny for "Lucy and Ethel" to get into this week - if only they were there to witness!

So, I'm driving home from a function this morning, and call my dad to check in.  Now, keep in mind, as you read this...I am the ONLY one laughing in this conversation.  It wasn't until near the end that he started to see the humor as well.

"YOU OWE ME ONE,"  my dad says.
"Oh, yeah?  What's going on?"  I chuckle.
"We just finished changing Anna's diaper.  I think I'm going to be sick."
(me now, hysterical after having started laughing at the way he even answered the phone, wiping tears...yes...already!)
"YOU are changing Anna's diaper?  Where's Bradyn?"  
(as if he didn't hear me speak)
"Your mom loves to laugh at me and tell the story about how the last diaper I changed was yours, 38 years ago!, and all I did was take the diaper off and put it in the toilet for her to deal with when she got home.  We didn't have these velcro thingys."
(me, still laughing so hard, trying to calm down) 
"Did she squirm?  I have to wrestle her for every diaper change."
"No, I think she was just so shocked I was the one doing it.  She didn't squirm at all.  But, Kim, it is disgusting.  My stomach hurts.  I think I'm going to throw up.  What should I do?"
"About the diaper?"
"No, about my stomach?  I feel sick.  Oh, and will it hurt anything if some of the poop is still on that thing down there?"
(oh my gosh, laughing so hard!, really should have pulled the car over)
"No, it won't hurt anything.  Mom can clean it up better when she comes home.  Or, Bradyn can."
"When are you coming back?  I'm going to go outside and try to get some fresh air.  My stomach hurts."
"Soon...love you!"
"I love you, too.  We got a new baby lamb..." 

So, yeah.  If ever there were a situation for a great, big, fat, LOL...this was it!  He is such a good sport.  I love my Daddy.

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