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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3,000 calories...

I've known Daina for, hmmm....let's see....what is it? 10 years?  Well, if you go back to the year she and my brother were in Mrs. Wojcik's Kindergarten class at Altruria, it would be about 28 years!  Her beautiful daughter Madeleine  and my daughter Morgan went to the same elementary school as we did, and had the same teacher together - Mrs. Wojcik!  So, yeah, we tight.  Ha!

AND, both of us having 16 year-olds to contend with, well, both of us were out of our minds at about the same time and decided to have babies again.  We caught up with each other at high school registration last year and we both just laughed at each other and our little diaper-bag-toting selves!  Although, I'm sure she occasionally joins me in the What was I thinking? moments, we also get to enjoy this fun two-year-old time.

Jackson was a hoot!  And, he was FAST!  We did a lot of aerobics chasing him and trying to entertain him long enough for an in-focus shot.  At one point, I even bribed him by promising to carry him to the top of the fire-escape.  During which time, his mother, who was holding my camera for me, thought it would be funny to snap a shot:

Yes, I'm sure I burned 3,000 calories on that photo shoot!  But, we sure had fun!  Enjoy, Madeleine and Jackson...

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