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Monday, May 3, 2010


Been soooo busy working on Peanut's birthday, a couple of other sessions, and just everyday stuff.  Will be posting pics from the Anna-Dedication-Extravaganza-Bonanza soon.  As well as a video that is.....well, Peanut.

But, today I was working on sweet little Elly's session, and wow.  That girl's eyes.  Gorgeous.  So big, so clear and beautiful, well...I could see myself in them.  Made me think (and I've talked about this before), can God see Himself in MY eyes?  I'm going to open them up big and keep them as clear as I can, so maybe, just maybe, He can.

Today, my self-portrait.  Can you see me?  Love to you all.


  1. That is an absolutely phenomenal photo... and message, Kim!! Seriously!!

  2. Beautiful photo! And yes, I'd like to think I live my life in such a way that God sees himself in my eyes :)

  3. Kim, That is amazing. I have never seen myself in my daughter's eyes. It seriously made me cry. What a gorgeous message. Thank you. Cannot wait to see them all!