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Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm flailing...

As you may have noticed, haven't blogged in several days. Partly because I have been so busy. Partly because I'm so tired. But, a big part because I just don't got nuthin' to say.

I don't feel witty, or clever, or interesting in the slightest right now. This whole blog thing is a strange world. When you start a blog, all you do all day long is ask yourself, "Should I blog about this?" Or maybe just a Tweet? Or probably a Facebook status update?

You kinda get caught up in it. Next thing you know, you're struggling with yourself about what you can blog about, and what you CANNOT! Let me tell you, there is a vast amount of stuff in my life I would love to blog about, but can't. So why even bother? Why am I spending all this time on something when I should be working? People in my life have been reading my blog, and they ask me why? Should they start one? Heck, my mom and my daughter did!

So, here's my list of "why's":
  • Because I start feeling very isolated and lonely in this little house all day. I need more conversation that is less-centered around my toddler's "beh-buh." (Belly-button)
  • Because I get the absolute nicest comments from mothers all over the world, and let's face it, who doesn't need positive feedback when you're a mom?
  • Because I like the attention. Let's not kid ourselves.
  • Because you can talk about yourself without offending anyone for hogging the conversation.
  • Because I think maybe, just maybe, I will make someone else out there feel a little less alone - as they make me feel when I read their blogs.
  • Because it is a way to constantly remind myself to be someone. BE SOMEONE!
  • Because I have grown to love all you people out there.
  • Because it is so free-ing to just be myself and not care what anyone else thinks. If you don't like what I say, don't read it. Easy, huh?
Now, I have also spent some time reading other blogs. My list of "why not's":
  • If you just simply cannot make it through a blog without publicly humiliating your husband or teenage children (infants and toddlers are fair-game because, well, they can't defend themselves yet.)
  • If you are hoping secretly that "someone" will read it so you can get away with telling them something through your blog that you should be saying in person.
  • To embarrass anyone.
  • To make money (you're going to be sorely disappointed here.)
  • To share intimate details of your marriage that should be only discussed in private or in counseling.
  • To annoy me. Ha, ha! Just kidding. Not really. Yes. No. Ha!
But, seriously...I digress. I just want to thank all of you who have encouraged me, read my blog, posted a link to my blog, re-tweeted my blog, or left a comment on my blog or Facebook. Thanks for your friendship, new and old. I've been blessed by you!


  1. Hi Kim, I have been following several blogs (including yours) for a while now and have recently been bitten by the blog bug. I have just started my own for many of the same reasons that you listed above. It's a new experience that I am very excited about no matter how much of an amateur I am starting out as.

    I follow one basic rule wherever I go (Facebook, Twitter, blog); never say anything about anybody that you won't say to their face and never proclaim anything about myself that I won't stand up in the middle of the office and shout out. Of course our office is pretty loose and liberal so watch out!

    Have a great day!

  2. Blogging for me has changed over the past two years.. the experiences you see, the stories that are told.. the friendships you make, etc.. it can be wonderful, all of it, but one thing I can say is that someone will always have an opinion regarding it.. no matter what.. not everyone will understand why you do it.. just keep true to you Kim and it will all work out.. xoxo