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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hail, hail! The gang's all here!

Yay. All my peeps are back! By peeps, I'm referring to my neighborhood girlfriends. I just want to take a minute to tell you about this past year. One of the hardest years of my life, but also one of the best.

We moved to Richmond in June of 2007, after our wedding on June 9th. Two months later, I'm pregnant. Nine months after that, Peanut. Eight weeks after she bounded into our lives, we moved back to Memphis and brought Charlie and the Nut with us. Let's just say, my brain was hurting by the time we got here. Then, unpacking with new baby, Charlie in a new job working from home, new neighbors, and a small case of post-partum going on.

So, am I crazy? Yes. Am I as crazy as I could be right now? No. Thanks to my new neighbors and new best friends here in my little burb. I cannot tell you what these girls have meant to me and Charlie and the girls. Here's a small list of what they did for me last year:
  • Took Anna for us while the movers came (Donna.)

  • Brought over a high chair, boxes of girl clothes, baby toys, everything (Misee!)
  • Took Anna for me while I walked, trying to shed baby-fat before our trip to Maui (Sara-Anne.)
  • Took Anna for me while I cut the grass, took a shower, had a tantrum, or just plain felt like running away (Misee.)
  • Kept Bradyn for us and got her to school while we were in Richmond mourning a friend's death - then again while we were in Cancun (Donna and Sara-Anne.)
  • Came over with a bottle of wine when I was particularly stressed out and needed to vent (Sara-Anne.)
  • Made dinner for my family COUNTLESS TIMES ALREADY! (Misee and Britt.)

  • Kept Anna during a photoshoot (Angie and Dr. Jay.)
  • Took Brady-Lady to the pool because I was too busy (Donna and Sara-Anne.)
  • Helped get my photography business started (MISEE and ANGIE!)
  • Listening to me vent for probably hours on the phone and at the pickup spot after school (Angie, Donna, Sara-Anne, and Misee!)
I'm sure I'm forgetting most of the other stuff these women have done for me and my family this year. I cannot even begin to tell you the extent to which these beautiful, amazing, women have been used by God this past year. Not to mention, the men! The daddies have all been involved in toting kids here and there and watching the kids while we mommies play.

So, here in our little neighborhood, everyone is busy having fun in June. But, July rolls around, and it's like a ghost town. Everyone leaves for LONG periods of time and we miss them. Bradyn mopes around. I keep picking up the phone to see if someone wants to do lunch. Pitiful. :) But, school starts again and the gang's all here. I feel complete again. I feel like I can function. I have my back-up! I will, however, miss meeting all the girls at the stop sign to pick up our elementary kids. Heck, I may even go just to hang out! I love my neighbors!

Thank you God, for Britt and Misee, Jay and Angie, Brian and Sara-Anne, and Dave and Donna! Thank you!

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