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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Full circle...

Before we went on vacation last week, I had the privilege (again) to photograph a sweet, SWEET, baby boy named Rocco.  I met Rocco's big brother, Luca, last summer, as well as his mama, Kim (who was pregnant with little Rocco), and his grandmother, Sue.  Such a wonderful family.  And, boy can they make some beautiful children!  Sue and I have already decided to draw up papers for an arranged marriage between Luca and Anna.  I'll have me a bunch of sweet little blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies.

This past session with Rocco, was a JOY.  He couldn't have been any more perfect or in a better mood.  The little boy made my ovaries twinge.  I told Charlie as Sue was leaving with her grandson, "I want a BOY, Charlie!"  (Of course, we have taken care of things for just such moments of insanity.  So, no boys for me.)  We stood and chatted a little as Sue was leaving about how she knew my parents from long ago in the days of Leawood Baptist Church.  My grandmother is still a member.

Sue brought me this amazing picture, look how gorgeous!  My dad took it sometime in the 1960s.  The neatest thing, on the back, was his rubber stamped name.  The address was my grandparents' as well as that phone number I will never forget.  I used to call it up and hear, "This is Hillie, who is this?"  My granddaddy was a riot...remember no caller ID back then!

I get a lot of people who ask me how I got into photography.  My answer is that my dad was a photographer in college, and worked for one of the best photographers in Memphis.  That he taught me early how to calculate equivalent values and what shutter speed to use.  And, he certainly, above all else - taught me to cherish this amazing tool we have to freeze time.  Our lives are so wonderful, we don't want to miss or forget a thing.  The camera has always been a part of our family.  Part of life.  We just learned to smile and not fight it.  Well, except for maybe when he brought a camera to FRED'S DOLLAR STORE to document my very first job.  Oh, the horrors to a 16 year old!  (But, honestly, I'm already planning my stealth photography mission - as soon as Morgan gets her first gig!)

How neat it is, that I am now photographing Sue's grandchildren.  Daddy, we have come full circle.  Enjoy, little Rocco...


  1. Simply precious photos, Kim. He's adorable and you captured that very well.

  2. Precious Kim. You take beautiful pictures.

  3. Well that explains your great eye, doesn't it!