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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New blog on the way...

Well, I've been struggling with the content on my blog for quite some time.  Personal?  Photography? Both?  I get many emails, formspring questions, twitter, facebook, comments from blog readers, you wouldn't believe it...all asking me about my "story."   You know, the one where I went through a divorce, amicably, and met Prince Charlie, and am riding off into the sunset happily ever after...ha!

I love to tell the story.  LOVE IT!  But, not so much because I love bragging about how great my life is now, but how much I want everyone to know how great God is, and how He has brought me through it all.  I remember being in the midst of the valley of the shadow of death thinking, Please God, use this crappy time in my life in some way.  Don't let me be going through this HELLO! for nothing.

So, I've been thinking of ways I can share all this info in a more organized, accessible way - so that my sisters (and brothers) dealing with what I dealt with will have something to cling to.  I started writing an actual book.  Yes, crazy, like I have a lot of free time on my hands.  I need my head examined.  But, it is really just a cathartic time waster, I don't really expect to ever finish it.    But, if not a book, what?

Well, the answer is gonna be another blog.  But, I need your help.  I will be formulating the content, and working on the technical logistics for a few weeks.  What I need from you is help in getting the word out to anyone you know who is going through a divorce, has gone through a divorce, is a single parent, has dealt with the pain of living with an addict, etc.  Keep an eye on this blog for details coming soon.

The other thing I need from you guys is help with content.  Every time I try to start talking about my story, I get so side-tracked or overwhelmed with what to tell you, and what not to tell you, that I stall and break down completely.  Here's my answer to that...the blog will be in the form of "Ask Kim..."  So, I need questions.  Don't be shy!  Ask away.  If I can, I will answer them all as honestly as possible.

Finally, please know that this is not out of a feeling that I know it all.  I do not.  I am not a counselor.  I am not a trained professional.  I am a mom.  I am a wife.  I am an ex-wife.  I can only tell you what worked for me, what I feel God has told me is the right thing to do in each situation, and pray for you.

So, send in your questions to kim@kimjay.com.  In a few weeks, I will answer them one-by-one.  Pray for those who ask questions, and please pray for me as I try to answer them.




  1. Righteous dudette :) Buzzy's on Maui. Sweet pic!

  2. Awesome idea, Kim!! Hope you're enjoying your vacay!! ;)

  3. Dear Kim! Please excuse my bad Englisch, I am from Germany and don't speak it very often. I just wanted to say, that everytime I'm reading your Blog, it's like I am taking a break from life. You make me think of Jesus, and often you are the one, who remember me, what HE has done for me. For us. You are wonderful - pleeeeaaaase never stop blogging!!!