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Friday, November 12, 2010

With a red face and teary, yet shining eyes...

Okay, so a little bragging.  I'm up today and actually at my computer trying to GET A GRIP after my surgery.  I was Facebooking away, and found a note I posted on my page ages ago that I thought I would share with you all today.

I think Bradyn was in 5th Grade when she wrote this.  Here is the note as posted on Facebook:

This is a story Bradyn wrote for the "Brag Board" at school. The teacher just told them whoever wanted to write a story about anything could, and she would pick the best to display for Open House. Here it is exactly as she wrote it:

The Civil War

My name is Peter Yearling and when I was young I had quite an experiance. It was during the time of the Civil War that I was fifteen and sitting in a small room the color of well...puke. That is precisly what I felt like doing because there in that little, pukish, room the Civil War draft took place.

My family and I expected to hear my father's name get called any second. Sure enough about ten minuets later the big, frightening, loud man said "Peter Yearling", but when my father stood up he said "junior". Everyone crowded around me...crying. I also felt a single drop flow down my cheek when I saw my father, the guy who never cries, shake my hand with a red face and teary, yet shining eyes.

By Bradyn Malone

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