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Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, the stress started the minute I woke up today. I squandered yesterday's babysitter day with almost a full day of the hair-extravaganza. All three of us "big girls" went to get haircuts and mine colored while the Peanut was at Wendy's. So, today I'm stressing because I have several photoshoots this weekend, and I have several in the pipeline already to edit. But, that is a BLESSING - and a little mind boggling.

How am I gonna get it all done?

So, the baby woke up off and on all night. And, though I didn't get up with her every time, I certainly laid in bed listening and trying to judge which cry deserves mama's personal attention, and which would go away soon. So, not much sleep for me. Add that to the drastic change in weather from yesterday - you get a major headache. This morning, she was in a particularly independent mood, and threw fits over every frustration she had. Feeding herself, toppling over repeatedly, not wanting what I made her. Fussy morning. So what do I do? I leave. Ha!

Well, Morgan has two friends over, Bradyn has one, and Anna is just bored. So, I figured I would just load them all up and go to the mall. Stop stressing over what I'm NOT going to get done. It would be as much stress being here trying to get it all done in the middle of the circus anyway. So, I left the Peanut with the big girls and went to switch my Corolla for Charlie's Highlander so we can all fit in it. Amazing what a 45-minute drive ALONE will do for your outlook.

Today, is GIRL day! I am woman hear me roar! Whatever. We are going to the mall - with no money. And, memories will be made, fun will be had, love will be shared. Okay, maybe we'll just be glad to get out of the house. Have a GREAT Friday everyone!


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