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Friday, March 5, 2010

Precious little angel #3...

How on earth we were lucky enough to be 3-for-3 on precious baby girls, I'll never know.  But, we sure racked-up with our three daughters.  And, our Little Peanut, although quite a mess at times, can be so incredibly sweet.  Aren't we all that way?  (I wonder if God says that about us to His angels, "That Kim Jay, she's a MESS!  But, ain't she sweet?")

Yesterday, I was blessed with a willing participant.  I think she is starting to get old enough to figure out what I do.  Having "helped" me with a couple of baby-photosessions recently, I think she was wanting to play photoshoot with mommy!

Anna Katelyn Jay...


  1. What an amazing little being!!!!!!!!!!! How is she feeling? tweet me.......

  2. You're right, you are totally lucky and blessed. She is so adorable! I love it when they get to this age and their personalities really start to shine through; it's such a time of discovery :)