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Saturday, July 17, 2010

My big girls...

My two older girls are growing up too fast.  I feel like they are slipping out of my hands.  You hear that all the time.  "Slipping out of my hands."  But, man.  Now I really get it.

Today, Morgan toured the campus at Villanova.  Philadelphia, people!  I cannot drive there!  Their dad lives in Philly, and they are there for their summer visit.  He set up a tour on the campus for her today.  And, while I will be so proud and happy for her to go wherever she chooses, I can't imagine life without my little Moey here.  Much less, only seeing her 4-5 times a year!  Slow it down, Lord.  Please.  Two years is all I have with her.  During vacation in Maui last month, she mentioned several times about how we will only have another couple of "official" family vacations together.  Just boggles my mind.

Bradyn.  Well, Bradyn has grown four inches in six months.  She is nearly eye-to-eye with me.  She's bouncing back and forth between little girl, and young woman.  Only, it's more and more on the young woman side these days.  So, I've gotten accustomed to Morgan being all grown up, but now Bradyn is betraying me as well!  Carrying a purse.  Rolling the eyes.  Noticing the boys.

Rotten kids.  I told them both, very emphatically, that growing up was not allowed in my house.  On their birthdays every year I'd tease, "Morgan!  Go to time-out!  I told you not to grow, and you deliberately disobeyed me!  I'm so disappointed in you."  At age four, she planted her hands on her hips (much like in the picture above) and said, "Mom!  Jesus MADE me do it!"  Well, I guess I can't argue with that.

At least Peanut will never grow up.  She'll always be my baby, right?  Right?  Somebody help me out here!

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