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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A man with a power-tool...

Nothing is more attractive to me than a man with a power tool.  Well, that's not totally true.  A man who loves the Lord as much as I do, beats that.  And, I've got a man who does both.  Luh-kee Kim!  And, he's so cute!  :)  Charlie and I bought that Costco play-set that we've been eyeing all summer.  It was an expensive pill to swallow, but, we have come to realize that our little Peanut needs physical entertainment to keep her from the raging meltdowns that have threatened to destroy the very fiber of our being.  So, we threw fiscal caution to the wind and borrowed my Daddy and his truck, a week and a half ago.

It was absolutely KILLING me, not to be out there supervising and using the drill, and building it "myself."  But, I had to study.  SO, Charlie jumped in and took over and he did a FABULOUS job!  He was so sweet.  He knew my love for using the power-drill.  Every time I came out to help, he let me do the "fun stuff", he called it, and I got to drill and drive screws in.  Rah!  (I'm making a muscle like Ah-nold right now.)

Anna, was SO excited, and VERY helpful.  She was right there every minute handing Charlie tools. "Here-go, Dada!"  "I help, Dada!"  Couldn't be prouder.  We tried to entertain her with various movies inside when her little cheeks were getting too red from the heat.  But, it didn't last long.  She knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and what she would have, when it was done.  "MY slide, Mama!"  

Saturday, the "slide" was complete, and after nap-time, we let her go!  She was like a puppy in new home.  She ran around every corner, checked out every play-thing, went up the ladder, down the slide, up the ladder, down the slide, up the...  Ok.  Sorry.  I half-expected her to start sniffing the thing!

She wasn't sure about the "woks", or the "rock wall" for those of you not fluent in Peanut-ese.  

But, she tried, at least.  

So, good job, Charlie!  I'm proud of you.  And, I love you for it.  


  1. Goodness, she's cute! Bet she LOVES this!

  2. Saw her dismount video on FB and giggled. Loved it! Glad she is having fun with the new playground in her backyard. And pix are adorable, as usual. ;)

  3. Yikes when did you add the green to your blog! Is it helping you get mental to study?

  4. Oh yes and yellows need physical activity everyday or they act out physically in ways which I deem undesirable