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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My husband is anti-social...

I present to you, Exhibit A:

See this hot, hunk of a man?  He is frustrating me.  He is making me "frustrationed."  He refuses to participate in social networking media...aka...FACEBOOK.  Grrr.  

I understood at first. Back, when Facebook and Twitter were relatively new and had less widespread consumption by the general masses.  When it was a teenager's toy, like MySpace.  But, now.  Now, it is like NOT using the internet because you don't like all that "computer stuff."  Like, not watching TV.  Like, not using a phonebook to look someone up.  Seriously, dude.  Get with the program!  

The problem is, now, I think he is at the point of NOT doing it just 'cause he said he would never do it.  Stubbornness.  Hmmm...wonder where Anna gets it?

It was all well and good to let him have his little privacy.  And, participate singly.  But, now, a LOT of his high-school, college, hometown, and family members are on - and he gets all his info from ME - VIA FACEBOOK!  So and so is getting married, so and so had a baby, so and so said "hi!", and so on and so on.  

So, I'm asking, nay - BEGGING you.  Help me in my campaign to pull Charlie (an IT DUDE!) into the 21st Century!  If you know him, have his number, his email address, or whatever...please invite him to join the Facebook revolution with me.  If you don't have his contact info, send me a private message, or comment on this blog with your contact info and I'll get you his digits.

Here's hoping he doesn't get mad at me for this blog!  :)



  1. I was so anti-facebook but now find it to be a necessary evil. Happy weekend! :O)

  2. lol! My husband does the same darn thing. He even makes me friend someone so he can see their pics on my fb. Oh well.....

  3. I'm a 21 year old college student, and I don't have a Facebook. I'd like to think I get along fine :P. I'm sure your husband will manage magnificently. Stay strong, Kim's Husband! :P