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Friday, August 27, 2010

Client Spotlight: Darren Andrus

I had the wonderful blessing of photographing the Andrus family during this past summer.  What a joy of a session!  Their three girls were just as sweet and well-behaved as can be.  They were celebrating the recent adoption of their oldest child, Jennifer, with a NEW family portrait that included their new addition.

So, of course I was delighted when Darren asked me to help with some promo shots for his new ministry website.  Darren is currently the Director of the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home, in Bartlett, Tennessee.  In his new ministry, Dr. Darren Andrus, helps parents like you and me, learn how parent successfully when all else has failed.  What an amazing ministry!  Here are a few favs from our session together.  If you get a chance, stop by his website, and follow him on Twitter (@DarrenAndrus).  You won't be sorry!

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