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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Postmarked: November 27, 1984...

So, last week, I shook that monkey off my back.  And, in doing so, I found blessing after blessing among the junk.  One such blessing, was a letter from my Daddy dated back in November of 1984.  The thing that struck me the most about this letter, is that he was trying to see my side of it.  And, trying to show me his.  Often, with teenagers, we as parents go with our instincts and lash-out and hold firm on "being right."  My daddy loved me enough to look at my side.  To value my feelings.  Because he valued me, I valued me.  And, I am CERTAIN that led me to make better choices in life.

Apparently, we had some sort of argument which quite possibly may have been focused around the fact that I felt that I was getting the majority of the work around the house - because I was the only girl.  He sent this letter from the bank to our home address at the time....I was the first one home, and the first to get the mail each day.  I had to chuckle when he signed it, "Dennis."  I love my Daddy.

I asked his permission to share this letter in an email:


I am cleaning out my old boxes full of files and keep-sakes.  I found this letter from you, postmarked November 1984.  I was about to turn 15.  25 years ago.  Wow. Thank you for being the kind of daddy who writes letters like this to his daughter.  I love you so very much.  I wish every daughter in the world had what I have.  I often wonder how it was that I got lucky enough to have you and mom.  Why did God bless ME so much?

Do you mind if I share this on my blog?  If sharing this letter spurred one dad to write a letter like this to his daughter, to me, it would be worth it.  I understand if it is too personal, too.  Your call.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!  Did the American Pickers call?


Your darling daughter.  :)

November 27, 1984:

Dear Kim,

You are most precious to me, you are all I ever could hope for in a daughter.  You are gracious, loving, concerned, thoughtful, creative, ambitious, brave, and fair. You are industrious, tender, and a beautiful daughter.

These teen-age years are a mixed time of your lie.  You will have much personal growth mentally as well as physically.  I hope that your mother and I can love and support you as much as possible, to allow you to be free to test your wings and enjoying this maturing time.  I'm sorry if I come on too strong at times.  You are like me in many ways, you and I both have many things too do.  We have many goals and aspirations for ourselves.  We both feel frustrated a lot because these goals are usually to high and many times not achieved because of reasons out of our control.

Please be patient with me and try to understand.  I hope I'm not that bad a father.  My aim is really to encourage Matt, and Jared to take more initiative and responsibility in helping in our family.  Being head of a family is a tremendous responsibility, that comes with much joys, pride, love and pain.  I believe we have a great deal in our family.  WE share more than most other families.  Susan and I work hard to provide for you and the boys, and appreciate how hard you work to help us.

"Thank you God, for giving us Kim.  Please lead - guide - and protect her all the days of her life."

We love you,



  1. I just love that you asked him if American Pickers had called yet! LOL What a great letter! One that I can already tell I will be in my future with my daughter as we work through the rough stages of teenage life!

    So glad you shared with the interwebs!

  2. Another beautiful post, Kim. The pictures of the letter are amazing.