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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, monday...

Just enjoying the laziness that is my life THIS DAY.  I am between classes in my quest to get my pre-reqs before I apply to nursing grad school.  I finished an ENORMOUS project that I had been putting off for YEARS, this weekend.  (Blog tomorrow.)  And, I had a few days in between sessions to rest photographically.  Today, I have just relished every Peanut moment I could - knowing it will be over very soon.

It has been ages since I could REALLY relax - at home.  Sure!  On vacation laying on the beach, when my laundry, projects, dust-bunnies, work, kids...were all a thousand miles away, I was able to relax.  But, at home, it is impossible to relax guilt-free.  (Again, tomorrow's blog.)  But, today?  Today was about the Nut....

This one, totally out of focus, but scrumptiously Peanut...

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