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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First edition of Out-Take Tuesday.....

I tell you what...my job is so freakin' fun! I get to play with so many cute kids (although some are challenging at times, they are all so sweet!), meet so many cool people, watch young people grow into adults, and go so many cool places. Fun!

One of the funnest (I know - not a word) parts of my job is downloading images right after a photoshoot. It's like Christmas! What did I get? Anything good? Then - WOW! These beautiful little faces jump out and make me cry! And, I didn't even give birth to them!

This last batch was of four GORGEOUS little girls. Their mom, Gina (pronounced "jeh-na") Bailey Harris, has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember. I have known her longer than I have had my permanent teeth! I used to babysit her every single Wednesday night for years - while her dad, the choir director, and her mom and my mom were at choir practice. They are family. Not "like" family. They ARE family. Brenda, her mom - "BB" to the granddaughters - and my mom and I put on soooooo many Vacation Bible Schools, I can't even count! It was so good to be able to spend an afternoon with Gina and Brenda and those girls!

So, Gina has four girls. All under the age of 9, I think. When the youngest was born, Gina's husband said, "Four weddings and a funeral - mine!" I thought I had it bad! I seriously know that God was smart to space mine apart because I don't have a lot of surplus patience. But, Gina - another story. The thing that has always struck me about Brenda, and now I see in Gina, is nothing seems to phase them. Nothing seems to rattle or shake them. Several weeks ago with the Nana's Girls pics, I was ready to pull my hair out if Anna didn't cooperate. The tantrums make me a nervous wreck.

But, being the presence of six Bailey girls at once, toddlers running around, babies crawling out of the picture, oldest girl being done with it all - I was in the midst of the best afternoon I've had in a long time, because they were so calm and having such a fun time. Not one time did anyone of those four girls cry or pitch a fit. Not once! That's unheard of in a photoshoot - even if it's me throwing the fit. So, I thought I'd share some of the funny out takes, and thank Gina for being a great example of a good mom for the rest of us! Cheers!

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