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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mobile blogging...

Okey dokey. Just downloaded an ap for my iPhone so I can keep up with my blog from da road. We'll see I my patience holds up for this tiny little typing exercise.

So far, pretty good vacation. Although my body has suddenly and violently begun to revolt against me. In my ever-nearing middleagedness, I have developed was seems to be ever-worsening asthma. And allergies. Throat gripping, nose drowning, skin crawling allergies.

So, we tried moving to a hotel last night to see if that helps. My brother and sister-in-law have been so nice to let us stay with them this week. But, Tahoe, was making me sick. And I think Anna, too. It did seem to help, but staying in a hotel with a baby isn't ideal.

This morning during her nap, we were all sequestored (not sure about the spelling on that) in the room tip-toeing around in hopes that the little cherub will remain one and not show the Tasmanian devil side we've seen a few times already this vacation. How's that for some serious run-on action?

So what do four cell-phone weilding Americans do for an hour in a hotel room in silence? Text, Facebook, email, and Twitter. Pretty funny. And, we've gotten a lot of slack for getting Bradyn a cellphone. But, I have to say it has already come in handy quite a bit.

Okay, so that wasn't so bad. I hope all my "with"s were not converted to "wig"s by my iPhone corrector. Have a great day!

-- Post From My iPhone

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