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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Budding photographer....

I was proofreading my website last night, and reading about how I used to dress up my friends and brothers and make them let me take their "portraits" with quilts for backdrops and all kinds of poses. Made me wonder if I could find those pics - and I did!

This morning I emailed my friend Kristie, and my brother Jared (who is now an investment banker - note the polo shirt at age 7), to get their permission to put their pics up. My brother replied, "Go for it. But the purple Members Only jacket era is fair game now." To which, I replied, "When was it not?" To which he replied, "Good point." Anyhoo, haven't heard from Kristie and I'm hoping she doesn't come over the bridge and murder me in my sleep, but I'm posting them anyway. Maybe to make her feel better, I'll add one I took of myself on a tripod with the old self-timer. Pretty rough.

Kristie was my very best friend when we moved to Bartlett. It was a tough time for me. In elementary school I was pretty popular. Had a boyfriend in fourth grade that everybody had a crush on. Have no idea how that happened. But, when we moved, it was a whole new ball game. I knew nobody. And, I was edging into that icky, gawky, icky, icky, gawky age. Everyone around me was growing boobs, wearing all the right clothes, and not being geeky. Not me. I read that book, Dear God, it's Me, Margaret, by Judy Bloom. I did the exercises, "I must, I must, I must increase my bust." Nothing. Kristie and I hung out all the time, and truly I think her friendship and my Daddy's admiration saved me from a lot of trouble!

So, one night she was spending the night and we had an idea. Ha, ha! Or, maybe it was MY idea. Poor Kristie. What a sport. These were taken with my Canon EOS, 35 mm camera in 1983! Too funny! I was all excited because it had a built-in light meter and I didn't have to tote around my dad's old meter like a nerd. Oh, those were the days. Then, when I added the Vivitar flash on the shoe mount - THEN I knew I was bigstuff! The funniest thing, is my little sticky-note titles on the album. Enjoy!

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