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Friday, June 26, 2009

I need a zip-file to hold everything I want to do today in...

Wouldn't that be freakin' awesome? If we could compress all the things we want to get accomplished into a small amount of time? I feel like Lucille Ball in the candy factory today. I'm at the point where I'm figuratively eating all the candy I can as it comes down the conveyor belt so that I can catch up, but it's just getting worse and worse. Sigh. Big breath.

Anna is at Wendy's today. I love that woman! I don't know what I would do without her. So, today this is all I want to accomplish:
  • Finish the wedding edits
  • Finish the edits from photoshoots from last Friday, Monday, and Wednesday
  • Get some prep-work for my mom's 60th birthday dinner tomorrow done
  • Go to the pool and spend time with the big girls
  • Clean out my office
  • Shop for Anna-Grace's (Wendy's daughter) birthday present
What to do? What is the priority here?

I have to say, I know the wedding is huge - and would be great to get it done - but one of these items above is blaring at me with pangs of guilt. Going to the pool with the big girls.

Since Anna was born, we have all sacrificed - as I have made it plain with my constant complaining and angst. The big girls have coped better, however, and I feel so overwhelmingly convinced that I need to slow down, put some crap on hold, and love the heck out of them before they slip away. Here's what THEY have dealt with:
  • Mama hasn't been able to jump in the car and go shopping - as easily as before - so therefore, not as often.
  • We don't go to the pool much, and then not for long because the Peanut gets sooo hot sooo quickly.
  • Anna's bedtime is 8:00 - and she is the lightest sleeping baby on the planet - that means we ALL have to retreat to our rooms so early that we don't spend as much family time together anymore. We used to play games together all the time - no more.
My poor little Brady-Lady, although 11 years old, is really missing Mama-Time. She needs me to just hang out with her so badly. I know Morgan needs me, but she is so grownup-ish now that she is naturally valuing her own independence and space. But, Bradyn. She is on the verge of all that - and I'm really going to miss her little-girlness. She still wants to play in the woods, still plays hide and seek with her friends, still goes to the pool to play - not get tan. I know all too well how fast it will be gone. She is the age Morgan was when Charlie met her. Morgan seemed so grownup so fast after we met. Hold on, Bradyn, Mama's on her way!

So, I guess to the pool it is! Gonna go squeeze myself into a bathing suit (gag) and grab a towel. Woo hoo! At least when I go to bed tonight, I will have that warm, toasty, sun tanned feeling to snuggle in with my frantic thoughts with.

Go grab your kid right now and do something fun. Nobody will remember anything else you did today. And, that's the truth.

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