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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I won't give Charlie a camera at the next wedding...

Because then, you're processing photos one day, and BAM! A pic of your big behind right there in your face! Ha, ha! We shot a wedding last week and I'm STILL processing images. I am new to the photography biz. No way around it. I shoot way too many pictures. The problem with that is, each one is a little bit like a child. I have a hard time choosing between them. This wedding I just shot - I have culled them by HALF. And, it's still way too many.

So, this couple, Greg and Sarah - they were so sweet,
funny, and just fun to hang out with. I
went to school with her step-mom, and after a little nudging, agreed to do their wedding. I met Sarah and Greg one day in Arlington for their engagement gig. It is so encouraging to see a young couple that truly seem to be right for each other. After life happens to you awhile, you start to get a little tainted towards those things you dreamed about as a little girl. You see those fairy-tale notions you had growing up from a whole other perspective. How nice to be included in their experience! How nice to go back to that fairy-tale time in life, watching young people in love!

That's really one of the biggest parts about my job as a photo-girl that I love the most. I get so excited when someone calls me for a photoshoot! Not just because I'm still a newby and am amazed that someone wants to pay me to do this, but also because it is so fun playing and laughing with the little ones. Making cool new friends. Being a part of the big events in their lives. I'm totally serious, here. I'm not just saying it to sound all nice and stuff. It's true!

I'd much rather be out photographing than here in my office trying to process photos with Anna hanging on my left arm trying to get up here to get in the action. It is nearly impossible to even begin to process a session unless she is asleep or not here. And, it does get a little monotonous.

All that being said, I do love the process of transforming just normal photographs into pieces of art. Photoshop is an amazing thing. My dad, in his darkroom back in the day, would never have dreamed of what would be possible with a computer. He used to set up our bathroom at home as a dark room, replacing the bathroom fixture's 60 watt with a red bulb. Locking the door to keep my little brothers from letting the light come in and expose the whole piece of photopaper. It just seemed so cool and amazing. Although he was explaining what was chemically happening, it still seemed like magic to me. First to expose the negative onto the magic paper, then the unforgettable smell of those chemicals, watching the image just appear on the paper! Wow! It truly was amazing. He sees what I do on Photoshop and is just amazed. But, really, he was the REAL artist.

Although fun, the whole photo process was messy, an ordeal, and didn't leave much room for error. I love me some Photoshop! In the words of Kip Dynomite, "I love technologeeeeeeeee."

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  1. You caputered so much of why I love love love photography.. it is so much more than just clicking the shutter..