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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm a Photographer!

Almost a year ago, my new husband shoved me into the photography business. Well, okay, maybe I was a pretty willing subject. I have wanted to be a photographer my entire life. My Daddy was a photographer, after all, and I definitely knew I wanted to be just like him! Well, okay, he was a photographer in college, and has been a banker ever since, with a little bit of woodworking on the side. But, he has always - as long as I could remember - talked about his work at the photography studio of Nadia Price Strid. (Who, by the way is now known as the first commercial female photographer in Memphis, and her work is on tour around the mid-south.)

So, I did the banking thing - HATED IT! If I ever have to ask anyone about their financial needs again in my lifetime, it must mean we are starving. I don't know how my dad has done it this past 35+ years. My ex-husband left me just after I started in the real estate field thinking I would be able to support myself and our two girls with my new degree and new career. He didn't think about the fact that I had no personal insurance through real estate, nor a steady income. So, off to the bank my father retired from and the bank my brother works at now. Thought maybe it was in the blood and I'd be good at it. I was pretty good, but seriously hated it every minute I was there. I'm a pretty good salesperson, but selling debt was just not for me.

So, I got married two years ago June 9. Two months later, I find myself pregnant (semi-on purpose.) Now, newly married with two girls already for my new husband to support, I felt the pressure (whether internally or externally - I'll never tell) to provide my share. But, now I'm pregnant and will soon have a small baby to take care of. Although Charlie had no intentions for me to work, I felt I had to do something. I had never thought of photography as a means for bringing in an income other than "on the side". Charlie had the idea to do photography great-guns.

Yikes, what a can of worms we opened! Websites (www.kimjay.com), lab printers, lenses, Nikon vs. Canon, lighting, backdrops, props, advertising, clients, business cards, forms, taxes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Little by little we have navigated this strange new "photography scene". Bless his heart, every time I turn around, he's surprising me with a new camera, or a lens, or anything I happen to mention - sometimes before I'm even sure I want or need it!

So now, at the prodding of several "followers" on Twitter, and a few Facebook friends, and some of my former loyal family-blog followers - it's the photography blog. It's a whole weird new thing that you evidently need to have - to be an "in" photographer these days. I honestly can't imagine anybody caring enough to "follow" me on here, but here goes.

My best friend growing up, September Hamilton Hogan - her sister is now one of the most popular bloggers - EVER. (www.dooce.com) Heather Hamilton Armstrong is like freaky-famous now. So weird. Used to carry her and my baby brother around like they were our baby dolls. She has kind of made her deal around the fact that she was raised Mormon and has come out of the closet - so to speak - and is painfully and brutally honest about the real deal of motherhood. She has made a killing doing it, too.

When asked about whether he thinks I should blog about personal stuff - even if it meant the truth about him to the world - he thought with his wallet as he most often does. "Hey, if I can quit my job in a few years to manage your blogging self like Jon Armstrong, you say whatever you want!" Don't think that's where we're headed - I'm not as funny or talented as Heather. Or any other blogger for that matter.

I just want to give you a glimpse into the life I have. God gave it to me, and though it has been a crappy road sometimes, I've managed to come through pretty darn amazingly. Welcome to my blog.

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